IQRA – After School Al-Qur’an Learning Program

IQRA is for children and adults to learn Arabic reading of Quran with proper pronunciation and Tajweed.  We also accept students who like to revise their daily sabaq of memorization from their regular Hifz school.  Parents are welcome to bring their children to revise the Quran if they have completed the reading elsewhere.

Format of the Program:

Mode of instruction is one-to-one lesson from the teacher. On average, a student sits with the Quran teacher for 10 minutes to read his/her new lesson.  The students are assessed on a periodic basis and are also taught Etiquette and Dua’s. It is advisable, that the parents work with their children to review his/her progress report sheet on a regular basis. We encourage the parents to regularly monitor their child’s progress and to attend the parent/teacher meetings.

Shaikh Fouad El Kassas acts as an adviser to the program.

Ages: 5 and Up

Timing: Monday to Wednesday – 4:30 to 7:30 PM – One Hour Session, all year except Islamic & Scheduled Holidays.

Tuition Fees –  50$ per month.

Prerequisites:  Student must be able to recognize Arabic letters prior to program admission and is able to sit in class without parent supervision.

Program Milestones:

Completion of Arabic Q’aidah (Pronunciation & Tajweed rules)

Learn to read Al-Qur’an

Etiquette & Dua’s